Are you interested in taking our course but the distance is too far?

Foot Care Academy can now come to you!

At Foot Care Academy our advanced foot Care Nurse educators are also available to travel throughout Ontario to deliver Basic, Advance, and Diabetic foot care courses to Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses, and Basic foot care skills to Personal support workers.  If you are an organization/facility/agency and you wish to have our teams visit your town/city to offer any of the above training to your staff, please click here to request a group quote. Minimum 6 Maximum 10 nurses pre sessions. Courses are 5 days in length.



Our combined, comprehensive course; Basic, Advanced Diabetic foot care nursing program is taught by registered, professional and highly experienced nurses with extensive knowledge and training in Basic, Advanced and Diabetic foot care . The course follows current best practice guidelines in nursing foot care,  best practice guidelines in infection control for foot care and evidence based practice in nursing foot care treatment, current nursing foot care standards and guidelines, and personal health information protection act.

Why you should enroll with us?

On completion of the course, nurses will be able to identify and understand causes, prevention and treatment of common skin and nail disorders relating to the feet, assess high risk clients utilizing tools use in high risk clients, learn how to do Ankle Brachial Index Measurement, (ABI), understand factors affecting foot health, understand the importance of safety using N95 masks, disposable/ single use instruments, mono filament, autoclave, implementation of sterilization of equipment and tools using Accel CS20 or Preempt chemosterilant when performing foot care, and increase awareness of nursing  foot care practices within their  scope of nursing practice.

Register your nurses with FOOT CARE ACADEMY; they will acquire the knowledge and competencies needed to implement clinical practice guidelines while working in the community as an advanced and diabetic foot care nurse.


Personal Support Workers are considered an integral part of the health care team. They are front line workers, first contact for personal care to seniors and disabled clients and the ones who our seniors look forward to seeing for various assistance.


Lack or inadequate foot care practice is a big issue in our society today. There are many chiropodists/podiatrists and advanced foot care nurses in clinics and communities practicing, but that does not seem to be enough. The stats for non-traumatic amputation are still growing. In reality this should be everyone's concern. According to Canadian Diabetes Association, 85% of non-traumatic amputation could be prevented by proper foot care. A client with an amputation life span alters to 1-5 years, not to mention the fact that most client ends up with a second amputation later on, after the first. 

Foot Care Academy offers a 3 day course on Basic foot care Assessment skills for Personal Support Workers. 

This course includes routine foot care; a non-invasive procedure as set out by the guidelines referred by CCAC to the ministry of health. Personal support workers do not cut or trim the nail of diabetic clients, clients on blood thinners or clients who have certain circulatory disorders. They will be however taught how to identify abnormal disorders of the skin and nail during an assessment.