Have you been laid off recently, tired of getting up for shift work and stat holiday work, do you find it challenging to work with certain colleagues but have to? You love nursing but having issues with or find that certain environment is not conducive with your practices as a good nurse. Maybe one income is not enough or you may be getting tired of the stigma of hospital or working for someone in the community.
Ever consider starting your own business but do not know how to start?
Nurse Entrepreneur offers a 2 day online course on how to start and market your business as a nurse, links to credible support sources that are relevant to your business as a nurse, guide to your target market, and much more.
We guide you through starting and marking your business as a nurse, who wishes to create a PLAN B, or to maintain your status as a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse,.  While maintaining practice standards and guidelines set out by your regulated body, what can you do medically within your scope of practice as a business for self and charge a fee for service?
Once you have registered and made a payment, you will be sent an invitation with a unique ID code to log in. Please be sure to select your date and commit to that date as your code will only be useful to the date you have registered for.
This training is offered 3 hours per day, three modules each day morning or evening for each day.

Day 2


  • Module 4 marketing your audience/end users

  • Branding your Business

  • Email marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Module 5 interactive discussion

  • Module 6 Problem solving/Trouble shooting

  •  Applying for Contracts

Module 2- What business types is most suitable to fit your needs

  • Sole proprietorship

  • Partnership,

  • Limited Partnership

  •  Incorporated



For profit on Non-Profit organization

  • Business Insurance/liability Insurance

Module 3

  • Opening a business account –choosing the right account

  • Making and purchasing your list of supplies/Equipment

Day 1

Module 1- The Plan-5 Ws & 1 H

  • Your Business Plan



 Nurse Entrepreneur training is $337.87 (Hst. included)


Payment can be made through Pay pal or etransfer to


A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of each 2 day training.


Cancellation Policy

Changes can be sent to in the event that you are able to attend the specified date within 24 hours of the start date. There is a NO REFUND policy if a submission cancellation is not made via email within the said 21 hr time frame